What’s In My Bag?

Reading Us Weekly’s What’s In Your Bag during a 13 hour layover in the Dubai airport, I was struck by two things. First, I must buy nicer handbags. Second, I’m a hoarder. Amped up on four lattes and with 8 hours left to kill, I decided to snap my own (slightly less glamorous) version. SO what’s in my Black Diamond backpack?

Suck It

Ever since a horde of vampire mosquitoes tried to bleed me dry in Thailand, I carry a bottle of insect repellent at all times and apply it like Axe body spray. You never know where those little blood-sucking bastards will pop up. BONUS: It doubles as snail repellent…you know, in case you can’t get away in time.

Hear No Evil

I’m never without my super sexy orange ear plugs. If I ever go deaf it will be because I shoved those suckers as far into my ear canal as humanly possible. While my boyfriend could sleep through an NHRA drag race, I sleep as if I’m popping amphetamines like M&Ms. As comedian Jo Brand said, “Even nice things don’t make you happy when you’re tired.”

Clean Up

I stockpile wet wipes the way Edith Bouvier Beale collected fecal matter. Baby wipes, facial wipes, cosmetic wipes, disinfectant wipes – I don’t discriminate. I pillage them from planes, airports, bathrooms, hotels and restaurants. They’ve saved me on camping trips, overnight train rides, multi-day flight expeditions and one sleeper bus bathroom in Vietnam that can only be described as a death trap.

Muffler Man

I always have a scarf with me. You never know when you’re going to be on a cold train or flight, need to cover your sinful woman shoulders, conceal your ass at the beach, or just throw it over your eyes to block out the morning sun after too many local beers. I buy them in bright colors which occasionally make me look less like Russell Brand.

Save Me

I’m addicted to Bach Rescue Remedy. My mother, a nurse and amateur homeopath (artist and sci-fi geek), got me hooked on it. As I’ve mentioned, traveling can be a tad stressful so I put a few drops in water or under my tongue and it calms me down. Hey, even if it’s just a placebo, it’s still my drug of choice.

The Takeaway: I swore I wouldn’t carry a day bag AND my backpack but it makes grabbing the stuff you need daily so much easier. It’s also the best for day trips when you need to carry more than just your wallet. I’ve named my bag Patsy. 

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