Breakfast Included

Dating me is like dating a toddler. If I’m hungry, you pretty much want to leave me in a basket outside a church with a nice note pinned to my shirt. I blame my parents for giving me a fake sounding medical condition called Hypoglycemia (low blood sugar). You know that dizzy feeling when you work out really hard without eating? That’s me every few hours…plus a rage blackout and minus the exercise.

While people with hypoglycemia are generally lovely between meals, if we don’t eat regularly, we transform into Linda Blair. Like every major storm system, there are warning signs. It starts with a jittery, nervous feeling (meeee? I’m FINE, not hungry at all!). Then lethargic and depression set in (will I never eat again?). Next is adorably short-tempered (this is all YOUR fault). And then full banshee (I will eat your whole family if someone doesn’t produce Ritz crackers).
exorcist photo: exorcist exorcist.gif

Traveling has not only spotlighted how frustrating hypoglycemia can be but how horribly I manage it. Mike calls it Abby Time. To save my relationship and avoid ending up in a foreign prison, I now look for those two magical words when I’m trolling online for a hostel: Breakfast Included. As journalist John Gunther wisely said, “All happiness depends on a leisurely breakfast.” Maximize your breakfast with these a-mazing TIPS from Smarter Travel.

I’ve also become a snack hoarder. In a just world, my snack would be a Snickers bar smothered in coffee ice cream covered with Oreo cookie crumbs but the subsequent sugar high and crash would rival Charlie Sheen. Starts With You offers a bunch of healthy grab-and-go SNACK IDEAS to satisfy your inner harpee. I’ve found some version of these (e.g. sub rice milk for almond milk) no matter where I’m melting down in the world. No oven required. Yes, I’d love to eat homemade granola but I’d also love to stop washing my underwear in the shower.

The Takeaway: Know your Achilles travel heel so you can manage it. Do you get grumpy if you don’t exercise? Prioritize it. Do you need to squeeze in a nap so you don’t lose steam? Schedule it.  

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