The Unexpected Ways Traveling Changed Me

I’ve been back from my RTW trip six weeks and I’m only JUST starting to figure out how traveling for six months has changed me. I had hoped I would notice differences on the road. You know, getting calmer, cooler, riskier, freer or just better at navigation. Instead, outside my comfort zone, I was more […]

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Hibernating In Paris

My first 72 hours in Paris went like this: I watched hours of TED Talks and Sex and the City reruns, I read Fitness magazine and finished The Paperboy, I blogged and creeped friends on Facebook, I went for runs near my sister’s apartment and took scalding hot showers, I ate my weight in chocolate […]

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Traveling With Blanche Dubois

The Paris metro map looks like it was drawn by a second grader. It doesn’t help that I was out in Amsterdam until 3:00 am the night before and that my contacts are glued to my eyeballs with cigarette smoke and regret. I aimlessly trace the various train routes with my finger for the third […]

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