Breakfast Included

Dating me is like dating a toddler. If I’m hungry, you pretty much want to leave me in a basket outside a church with a nice note pinned to my shirt. I blame my parents for giving me a fake sounding medical condition called Hypoglycemia (low blood sugar). You know that dizzy feeling when you […]

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Confessions of a Type A Traveler

Here’s the thing no traveler likes to talk about: globe trotting is hard. Navigating public transportation in a language you can’t understand, eating rubbery food you can’t identify, making budget decisions like coffee or toothpaste, and rotating between three t-shirts that all smell like insect repellent and sweat.

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Femme #Fails

I’m not a girly girl. I rarely wear make-up, I still have a full tube of mascara that I bought in 2012. I get lazy blow drying my hair so that it’s always half damp when I leave for work. Jeans with heels instead of flats is my day-to-night metamorphosis. BUT I’m still a girl […]

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